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The Brick Cave Library

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A wiki for Brick Cave Media content. Categorized across Brick Cave's history since it's founding in 2006, it includes articles about the people, places and relevant topics to the Media work Brick cave has done in Audio (Brick Cave Audio), Video (Brick Cave Films) and Print (Brick Cave Books).

About Brick Cave Media

Headquartered in Mesa, AZ, Brick Cave Media is a multi-media organization. Activities include publishing books in digital ebook, audio book, paperback & hard cover print formats. Since 2006, Brick Cave Media has created a myriad of media is different formats, not all of which we are able to keep on the website.

What You'll Find in this Wiki

You'll find a directory of Brick Cave Projects, People, and details that span over a decade of creation, including:

  • Brick Cave Audio- The original iteration of Brick Cave media launched in 2006 and served as a producer for spoken word albums.
  • Brick Cave Films- Beginning in 2008, Brick Cave began the development of film projects.
  • Brick Cave Books- With the release of books by J.A. Giunta in 2010, Brice Cave opened a new, and currently it's largest segment of business.

Making Edits to this Wiki

The Wiki is maintained through suggestions of BC Book Club members. The Brick Cave Book Club is the community of readers that supports Brick Cave Media and it's authors.