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The BC (Brick Cave) Book Club is the official fandom site for Brick Cave Media and it's Authors.

The Original Patreon

In November 2018, Brick cave Media launched a project on the community funding website Patreon. Initially doing well, Brick Cave staff soon found a disconnect between managing the ongoing content needs of an active subscriber site and the rest of Brick Cave's business, with CSE Bob Nelson noting that the Patreon had to be managed independently from the business as a content platform from the publishing work.

In December 2019, Brick Cave began development of the project's replacement, emphasizing reader involvement and engagement. In April 2020, the Brick Cave Patreon was officially retired in favor of the new project launch, the BC Book Club.

Goals for the Service

In developing a new service, Brick Cave worked from 3 assumptions:

  • The service had to build community
  • The service had to be congruent to Brick Cave's publishing work
  • The service had to offer an appropriate value for members that wanted to invest

Beta and Launch

The name (BC Book Club) was decided on in January 2020, and development continued through March of the same year. In March of the same year, a number of Brick Cave's active readers were asked to act as beta testers, given special access and asked to review features, benefits of membership and content on the site.

In April of 2020, the existing roster of Brick Cave Authors were provided anf the first promotional activities launched around the service.

Membership and Levels

Membership in the BC Book Club is built around three levels. In May 2020, the titles of the levels were updated, while the benefits of each level remained the same.

  • [1] (or Ruby Dragon after May 10, 2020) is a free level of membership that allows the members to engage with BC Authors and each other.
  • [2] (or Sapphire Dragon after May 10, 2020) member allows members to access exclusive audio resources enables on the site.
  • [3] (or Diamond Dragon after May 10, 2020) members are allowed access to all content of the site, including Video content and exclusive forum areas.
  • [4] Onyx Dragons, announced in May 2023, Members are provided exclusive access to additional content unavailable to any other member or reader.

Emerald Dragon A special membership level exists for members of the Brick cave ARC Legion, designated the Emerald Dragon level. The level consists of most of the same benefits of the Ruby Dragon level, with some additional attributes geared to book reviewers.

Program Updates and Changes

May 2023 Changes

In May 2023 Brick Cave clarified the benefits of each tier, and added the new Onyx Dragon Tier for members that wanted event more exclusive access.