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J.A. Giunta (Joe) is an Fantasy author with numerous short stories and books published in both paperback and ebook. He has a B.A. in English from Arizona State and has worked in the IT industry for a number of years.

Poetry and Anthology magazine

While at Arizona State University, Joe found few avenues to publish his poetry at the time, so he started his own. Creating a zine entitled Anthology, Joe distributed the work locally. In early 1994, Joe would be introduced to Bob Nelson, and the two would collaborate on creating a new version of the publication in full magazine format. Serving as the executive editor and handling much of the layout work, Joe worked with the magazine until 1997 before branching out into new ventures. He would be replaced as executive editor by fellow future Brick Cave author Sharon Skinner.

The magazine would be the first home for The Stories of Haven, a unique collaborative storytelling exercise involving Giunta, Skinner, Nelson and Nicholas Ozment.

The Ascension Series

"Actually I set out to write a quintuplet. I began the first book when I was eleven, typing it on my Commodore 64, printing it on my dot matrix and elaborately binding it with a myriad of staples that poked out here and there."- J.A. Giunta, 2012 interview with Brick Cave Media.

Originally self published in 2005, Giunta found the road of self publishing a challenge, eventually reaching out to Nelson in 2009 to see about once again collaborating. Following the first release, Joe choose to perform complete rewrite of the series, and The Last Incarnation was re-released through Brick Cave Books in 2011, featuring the artwork of Henning Ludvigsen, whom Giunta had contracted with to replace his original artwork. The book was very well received, with consistent 5 star reviews across it's sales channels.

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