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the current Brick Cave Podcast logo.

The Brick Cave Podcast is a production of Brick Cave Media and continues the tradition of audio production that extends back to the founding of Brick Cave.

With episodes each month hosted by a variety of Brick Cave Talent, you are sure to stay entertained, informed and engaged in your podcast subscription. There are even opportunities for you to submit your work to be read/discussed on an episode. Got a question for the hosts? Send us an email to

The episodes are recorded each month and are released to the organization's Podbean account. Distribution is across the internet, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google, Spotify and more.

Live Broadcast
In late 2020, Brick Cave began hosting live broadcasts for each of the shows, and listeners can visit the Live Room Webpage to listen online or check the live broadcast schedule.

Conception and Re-launch

Following the conclusion of the Brick Cave Bookcast, Brick Cave started work on a new iteration of a podcast. Director Bob Nelson wanted a showcase more literary content within the podcast, and in 2018, plans were made for the relaunch of the show. The first show launched in September 2018.

Jenn Windrow joined book as a co-host of the show in 2019, co-hosting several shows. In 2020, Jenn moved over to a new show with Proxima Emporium, and still occasionally joins Bob for an episode of the show.

Format Adjustments

In 2020, Bob tinkered with the format of the show, creating 3 separate sub-shows within the main podcast. Inviting Brick Cave poets Bill Campana and Patrick Hare to co-host one segment, authors Bruce Davis and Sharon Skinner to host a second, with Bob continuing to host a 3rd. The format changes proved popular, with the new lineup steadily picking up followers through the remainder of the year.

Submission Segments

The Box Segment
The Box is the segment of the Podcast where Bill and Patrick each read a poem from a submitter.[1]

First Words Segment
First Words is the segment of the show where Bruce and Sharon each select the first page of someone’s work, read it on air, and discuss it with feedback.[2]