Thitipon Dicruen

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Gold Magic cover


Thitipon Dicruen is a multi-displined artist from Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated with M.F.A. in Sculpture at Graduate School, Silpakorn University, he started his creation with digital media in 2000. He has worked in various projects relate to illustration and concept art for game, comic, book, etc.,.. as a freelance 2D artist.

Work Prior to Brick Cave

Thitipon met Brick Cave author J.A. Giunta when they both worked freelance on a developing MMO video game. While the game did not come to pass, the two remained in contact, with Joe referring Thitipon to Sharon Skinner during the development of The Healer's Legacy.

Thitipon has work in multiple mediums, including digital art, painting, film, sculpture and more.

Brick Cave Work

Following Thitipon's work for The Healer's Legacy, he has worked on several Brick Cave titles, including covers for: