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Bruce Davis is a Mesa AZ based general and trauma surgeon.

He finished medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago way back in the 1970’s and did his surgical residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital. After 14 years on active duty that included overseas duty with the Seabees, time on large grey boats and a tour with the Marines during the First Gulf War, he went into private practice near Phoenix. He is part of that dying breed of dinosaurs, the solo general surgeon. He also is a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels.

Work Prior to Brick Cave

His independently published works include the YA novel Queen Mab Courtesy and his military science fiction novel That Which Is Human. His nonfiction memoir, Dancing in the Operating Room, is a glimpse into the life and training of a Trauma Surgeon. He also released Glowgems for Profit and Thieves Profit of The Profit Logbooks series. these titles would later be picked up by Brick Cave and re-released. A third, shorter release, Profit and Loss, remains independently published.

Platinum Magic

Signing with Brick Cave in 2016, Bruce finished work in earnest on the first book in a new series, with the first book in the series, Platinum Magic being released in 2018. Described as a world very much like our own, but different, Platinum melds traditional fantasy elements with attributed of the police procedural and mystery genres.

Brick Cave Bibliography

Brick Cave Podcast

In 2020, Bruce partnered with fellow Brick Cave author Sharon Skinner to co-host a monthly installment of the Brick Cave Podcast. The show continues to this day, where they talk about writing, their project status and other topcs.